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Cosmos seeks to address these challenges by arming developers with tools to build blockchains easily and break down the walls between them ultimately leading to the Internet of Blockchains. In simple words, Cosmos is a decentralized ecosystem of blockchains that can interact and transact value with each other.

Tendermint BFT

Cosmos SDK

Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC) AKA Internet of Blockchains

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In the Cosmos, Heterogeneous Chains are the individual blockchains built with different layers and unique governance. IBC allows the transfer of tokens and data between two Heterogeneous Chains using the Instant Finality property of Tendermint consensus. These chains are further grouped into zones which are connected to the Hubs. These Hubs are blockchains specifically designed to connect the chains and transact value among them. Cosmos Hub is the first blockchain to be launched in the Cosmos Network.


Source: Cosmos

ATOM is the native token of the Cosmos ecosystem. The coin is not minted and is not meant for paying the fees to the transactions. ATOM can be used to…

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