Coronavirus Just Took Another Victim… Corona Beer

  • Starting on Sunday, Grupo Modelo will no longer produce Corona beer.
  • The Mexican government declared that beer production isn’t an essential activity during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • This decision will hit the Corona brewer and other Mexican brewers hard.

Coronavirus has infected over 1 million people, and it continues to spread. Governments have forced restaurants, bars, retailers, and other non-essential businesses to shut down. But the coronavirus just took another victim… Corona.

Corona Beer Stops Production

Grupo Modelo, which is part of the Anheuser-Busch InBev brewery group, operates 11 breweries in Mexico. It exports Corona and the company’s other brands, which include Modelo and Pacifico, to 180 countries.

Grupo Modelo is temporarily suspending production of Corona beer. This decision has nothing to do with the confusion between Corona beer and coronavirus. Google searches for “corona beer virus” surged in January when the first cases of coronavirus appeared in the United States.

The name coronavirus comes from the crown shape of the virus, and “corona” is Latin for “crown.” There is no link with the beer. An online rumor said that Corona sales in the United States fell by about 40% after the epidemic.

However, in late February, Constellation Brands denied the rumor. The owner of the Corona label said that sales had stayed strong in the United States, even as the virus spread worldwide.

Grupo Modelo has decided to halt Corona beer production after the Mexican government stated that it isn’t an essential activity amid the pandemic.

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The Mexican government declared a health emergency this week after the number of coronavirus cases in the country exceeded 1,000. It ordered the cessation of non-essential activities to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

A Decision That Will Hit Brewers Hard

The Mexican brewer said in a statement that the suspension will be in place from Sunday and that it is already reducing production to…

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