Coronavirus is Mutating but There’s No Risk of 3rd Deadly Peak – For Now

  • A mutation of coronavirus in Brazil was found, and two new strains of COVID-19 were identified by researchers.
  • Virologists say the mutation is minor, and minor mutations can be prevented with a single vaccine.
  • Mutations remain as a minimal threat as of now.

New studies published over the past two weeks have suggested that the 2nd peak of coronavirus has come to an end, at least in China. But, the emergence of new coronavirus mutations increases the probability of a third peak.

Mutations of coronavirus not of great concern, yet

In Brazil, virologists found a case of coronavirus mutated from the ancestral version of the virus.

According to David Heymann, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine’s infectious disease epidemiology professor, minor mutations in any ribonucleic acid virus are normal, and a single vaccine is likely to be enough for such mutations.

The mutated virus strain discovered in Brazil differs by three mutations from the reference strain in Wuhan, China.

So far, with alternative strains of coronavirus proving to be minor mutations, they is little probability that the new strains would cause a bigger outbreak in the near-term.

The problem lies in the possibility of more strains of coronavirus being discovered over time.

There’s a new strain of the coronavirus from the Wuhan outbreak but the aggressive, dangerous type has decreased over time. | Source: GREG BAKER / AFP

A study done by researchers at Peking University’s School of Life Sciences and the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai under the Chinese Academy of Sciences suggests that more strains of coronavirus could emerge in the future.

The researchers found two major strains of coronavirus, one more aggressive than the other. The more aggressive strain, called the “L Type” spread faster and affected more people, but it decreased after January.

As the study notes, the findings of the researchers are based on a small set of data. As such, it is difficult to conclusively prove the…

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