Coronavirus Impacts on Bitcoin (And the IRS’s Dumb Singularity)

The best Sundays are for long reads and deep conversations. Earlier this week the Let’s Talk Bitcoin! Show gathered to discuss Coronavirus and its potential impacts or disruptions to the decentralized world of bitcoin.

Later, we hear from correspondent George Ettinger about the indications of a “Dumb Currency Singularity” taking place at the IRS right now (also presented in full text below).

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On today’s podcast we discuss Coronavirus and:

  • The bitcoin mining industry and the slowing rate of hash-rate increases in the run-up to the 2020 halving
  • Safe haven, uncorrelated and risk asset narratives as the price of bitcoin bounces defies expectations
  • The potential for shifts in how society thinks about money in the wake of a highly transmissible global disease
  • Plus a brief primer on virus families (skip to 13 minutes for blockchain only content if you’re already up to speed)

Credits for LTB#429 – Coronavirus Impacts on Bitcoin (And the IRS’s Dumb Singularity)
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This episode featured Stephanie MurphyAndreas M. Antonopoulos, George Ettinger and Adam B. Levine
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