Coronavirus earthquake at Ethereum company ConsenSys: nearly 100 employees are laid off

Focusing on developing Ethereum applications, the ConsenSys company pulls out many employees to overcome the coronavirus crisis.

The Brooklyn-based ConsenSys company, which focuses on developing Ethereum applications, has waived 14 percent of the workforce to reduce the effects of the coronavirus crisis. It is stated that the number of employees affected by the crisis is 91.

The founder and CEO of the company, and also the co-founder of Ethereum, Joseph Lubin gave the news at the meeting this morning on Zoom and said, “I thought of many solutions to relieve this storm. I talked to many people inside and outside the company. I searched for state aid packages. I researched ways to collaborate with other projects in the ecosystem. ” said. Stating that layoffs are compulsory at the end of the meeting, Lubin said, “We postpone tough decisions every day and in fact, we are reducing our capacity by doing so.” He spoke in the form.

ConsenSys launched a similar layoff plan in February as part of the company’s plans to split into two branches, software and investment.

It is known that approximately 700 people work at ConsenSys.

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