Coronavirus Could Force Donald Trump to Admit Obama Was Right

  • A Phase 4 stimulus deal will probably be drawn up in April, but bipartisan cooperation is unlikely.
  • Democrats are pushing to expand Medicaid, something Republicans have fought for years.
  • Donald Trump may find himself reviving some of Obama’s legacy to ensure Americans contain coronavirus.

While stimulus checks promised in Congress’ $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill haven’t made it into the hands of most Americans yet, there’s already talk of what the next one will include.

As America’s battle with coronavirus stretches further into the future, the economic pain is starting to look deeper than expected. That could require more intervention from the U.S. government to bridge the gap and re-start the economy. Lawmakers in Washington have already started to squabble over the matter, suggesting the flimsy bipartisan unity that saw the last bill through Congress has all-but dissolved.

Republicans Dig Their Heels in Following Coronavirus Stimulus Checks

Republicans are hesitant to move forward on negotiations regarding a Phase 4 deal, according to White House economics reporter Jeffrey Stein.

Democrats say the government will need to shell out for increased Medicaid coverage and state aid, but the response from the other side of the aisle was a resounding “No.”

It seems party lines will play a prominent role in the negotiation of a Phase 4 stimulus package |Source: Twitter

The Wall Street Journal also reported that Republicans are hesitant to commit to another aid package. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said he’d like to see how the current coronavirus stimulus checks impact the economy before working on more aid.

I would hope anybody that’s talking about a phase four would pause right now. Let’s make sure this is actually working in the process and be smart, get the data back of where—if—we do need more help.

But considering the scope of the economic shutdown in America, another aid package is likely. Unemployment is set to climb to…

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