Cook Protocol: Decentralized Asset Management Platform

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has become one of the most popular uses of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, providing users around the world with access to financial services and new means to generate gains on their assets.

Cook Protocol is making DeFi more accessible, and simple to understand (PDF).

For many, DeFi continues to be a difficult concept to understand for new users who are not familiar with financial terms and strategies, which creates an entry barrier that results in the benefits of DeFi not being as accessible as intended.

Cook Protocol: A Better Way Forward

This lack of accessibility is not only detrimental to the ecosystem due to its incoherence with DeFi principles but also due to the difficulties it generates at the time of boosting mass adoption and, in turn, reducing the potential of the whole ecosystem by preventing the addition of liquidity and demand.

The high sophistication and technical nature of DeFi solutions are not the only issues experimented by users of most DeFi platforms, however.

Most often than not, these platforms lack the necessary tools for professional fund managers to execute their strategies in the crypto market, missing another important group that could adopt them.

The total value locked in all DeFi projects exceeded$1 billion as of February 2020 and grew more than 16 times the value by the end of the year, reaching $16 billion. This is a level of growth unheard of in other markets, which creates a unique opportunity for people of all backgrounds to take advantage of the growing sector.

Cook protocol was created to solve these problems experienced by the DeFi niche by providing easy access to asset management for everyone without compromising the quality of the tools professionals can benefit from.

Accelerating the Adoption of Decentralized Finance

Cook protocol is a cross-chain decentralized asset management platform aimed to provide investors of all levels of experience with professional asset management services that…

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