Connecting Smart Device Data with Buyers, DataBroker DAO Pre-Token Generation Event Goes Live as Platform Undergoes Massive Renovation

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Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a massive industry. Taken for granted by many, it lets different devices with sensors run, collect and transmit data over the internet. Having its humble beginnings in 1982 at Carnegie Mellon University, a Coke machine allowed users to be notified of its inventory and whether the beverages were cold or not. Over the decades, the IoT has grown and is expected to reach $12,000,000,000 by 2019.

Only a portion of the data generated by the devices is utilized to its true potential. Most of the data collected by owners and manufacturers is for a single purpose and is stored on their servers and hard disks. The data collected never gets to see the light of day.

Unlocking Data Through DataBroker DAO

An estimated 10% of data collected by sensors every year is compatible for other works and analysis. DataBroker DAO is a decentralized startup that intends to tap into this vast unexplored market and bring data generating individuals and organizations together on a single platform, where data hungry companies and firms can buy their required data.

The impact is huge. Take smart bands for example. These devices monitor heart beat and pulses, and are designed to collect movement data for active people who wish to keep a track of how much have they walked or ran. This is all that they do, collecting data of physical movement and breaking up information for its user. An emergency health service can use the same data from these smart bands to see if the users have any heart irregularities by tapping into heart rates at specific conditions. Yet, the health service does not have access to such kind of data. The smart band users can sell their data on the DataBroker DAO platform, therefore monetizing their data.

DataBroker Alpha 2.0

The team behind DataBroker DAO knows that the success of the platform lies in its ability to provide authentic and usable data in a manner that is pleasing and easy. To this effect, the developers revisited their coding of the platform and have totally revamped the it, essentially starting from zero and building up again. The result is a sleek design that banks on providing quality data. The platform also has a workable DApp that allows users to look at sets of sensors and the data that they can provide, giving potential buyers a sort of a sneak preview.

The platform, being decentralized and Blockchain based, is highly secure, meaning that sellers are guaranteed that the data they upload will be available to only those parties they wish to sell to. A ratings system is also implemented that informs buyers on the quality of data they are willing to buy.

Tokenizing The Platform and Distribution of DTX

The platform has its own native token, called DTX. Ethereum based, and ERC20 standard, the DTX is the only means of transacting on the platform. Coinciding with the refreshed look of DataBroker DAO, the DTX Token Pre-Sale goes live on 19th March, with a rate of 1 ETH = 4000 DTX and an additional 50% bonus for early backers. A minimum of 10 ETH is required to participate in the event.

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