Connecting Blockchain to Off-Chain Apps & Devices

PARSIQ is a unique platform provides direct integrations among blockchains, data providers, and off-chain apps, aka the real world.

With PARSIQ the complexities are hidden, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel by building in-house tools that are easily accessed on PARSIQ.

In other words, real-time blockchain complex events, like chain branch reorganizations, block confirmations, gas fee data, and the specifics of different blockchains are easy to manage with Parsiq. Anyone can build and deploy blockchain to off-chain automation in minutes

Because of this easy-to-use ecosystem there is no requirement for specialist knowledge, which means anyone can get started linking blockchains to off-chain legacy systems and networks.

Also, Parsiq ecosystem replaces the need to host nodes or spend money on infrastructure.

PARSIQ co-founders Anatoly Ressin and Andre Kalinovski strongly believe that transparency is key for blockchain to achieve mainstream adoption.

The crypto space must move beyond a narrowed, although valid, the perspective of network interoperability to one that establishes connectivity between this novel blockchain technology and the off-chain world it seeks to influence and transform. The liveness of the blockchain must not be wasted.

Who Should Consider Using PARSIQ?

PARSIQ’s breakthrough technology enables everyone and everything, be that individuals, enterprises or devices, to observe blockchain events in real-time.

This capability allows the off-chain consumption of those events by apps and devices, and as a result, said events trigger actions in any automated or semi-automated workflow environment. On a nutshell, the blockchain events hit the outside world

Another way of understanding this would be picturing the ‘static’ smart contract residing on blockchains similar to the way the internet currently works, where a user must click a button via a web browser in order to bring alive applications stored on centralized servers.

PARSIQ brings life to otherwise…

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