Combining Convenience and Security, TenX Is Expanding Bitcoin Usability – Bitcoin Magazine

This is a sponsored article provided by TenX.

Ever since it was introduced in Satoshi Nakamoto’s 2008 white paper, bitcoin has had yearning potential to be used regularly around the world for everyday purchases. It has built-in capability to make purchases faster, more secure and more convenient, but a lack of widespread infrastructure and adoption have stood in the way of this vision becoming a reality.

Enter TenX, a Singapore-based blockchain company built to allow users to convert their bitcoin to fiat instantly, wherever they choose to leverage it. With its payment system in place, TenX is helping to realize bitcoin’s greatest potential.

Building the Bridge to Bitcoin

Through a payment system that includes the mobile TenX Wallet app, which can be funded with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and the TenX Visa Card, which is useable at more than 54 million merchant locations across nearly 200 countries, TenX is granting users the ability to make everyday purchases and withdraw fiat using bitcoin.

When users leverage the TenX Visa Card, merchants receive payment in fiat currency, ensuring a seamless transaction that benefits both sides. This conversion is conducted automatically and instantly, so, as far as Bitcoiners are concerned, they’re purchasing cups of coffee (or anything else, for that matter) using BTC — a momentous advance in useability for the original cryptocurrency and the dream of many long-standing Bitcoiners.

Not only are such services making it considerably easier for Bitcoiners to live their lives using the currency of their choice, but they’re also creating an effective new onboarding pipeline for new users.

“We noticed that there are many potential customers who are intimidated about getting into crypto, even though they are curious about the space,” said Toby Hoenisch, CEO and co-founder at TenX. “Part of TenX’s mission is to transition the world to being able to access crypto in an easy and safe way and to help users…

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