Colin Kaepernick Workout Was Controversial Mess We All Expected

  • The workout the NFL set up for Colin Kaepernick and shrouded in mystery all week did not end up happening Saturday afternoon at the Atlanta Falcons facility.
  • Issues with the waiver, among other things, the NFL wanted Kaepernick to sign caused the 32-year old former quarterback to pull out.
  • He ended up holding a workout anyway at a local high school but with only a handful of scouts present.

As could be expected, the workout the NFL set up under questionable circumstances for Colin Kaepernick did not go off without a hitch. There was a lot of support online and in Atlanta for him. But there were also people in Atlanta protesting him and his usual detractors online. But he had a workout, just not the one the NFL had set up for him.

Rather than have it at the Atlanta Falcons facility, where the media was not going to be allowed in, he opted to hold it at a local high school about an hour away with his own receivers(but not Antonio Brown). His lawyers released a statement about the change of venue Saturday morning:

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At the Falcons facility, 25 teams had representatives along with former NFL head coach Hue Jackson, who was going to run the workout. But since the NFL would not allow Kaepernick to bring in his own video crew or for the media to be permitted, he skipped the NFL’s workout and held his own instead.

Only eight teams decided to make the additional drive.

The NFL released a statement expressing its disappointment over Kaepernick not showing up. The league also addressed some of the issues Kaepernick’s reps brought up:

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So—How Did He Look?

With the change of venue, the workout was made open to the public, the media, and was streamed live online as well. It was the transparency that he asked the NFL for and didn’t get. But could he throw? Of course, he could:

According to Adam Schefter, one NFL executive said Kaepernick’s “arm talent” is “elite” and is the “same as when he came out of college.” He noted…

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