CoinZoom Token Exchange, Well Beyond Crypto MLM and the Infinite Success App

Well Beyond, a health-centric network marketing business model, has partnered with CoinZoom crypto exchange to backend the Beyond compensation plan via their cryptocurrency payment system. Because we are a cryptocurrency-focused news outlet, this guide will be a bit of a two to three part roll out.

Because CoinZoom token exchange and payment system is one of the most popular attractions of the Well Beyond crypto MLM, this overview will begin there and then after covering all of the available research of this new emerging coin trading platform, shift into what is available for the multi-level marketing company and opportunity.

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CoinZoom Exchange Review Guide: The 4-1-1

CoinZoom is a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet found online at

The crypto exchange lets you buy and sell over a dozen cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. You can also use CoinZoom debit cards to spend your crypto anywhere in the world Visa is accepted. The exchange also has its own native token called ZOOM.

Is CoinZoom a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange? Is it safe to deposit money into CoinZoom? How does CoinZoom work? Find out everything you need to know about the CoinZoom cryptocurrency exchange today in our review.

What is CoinZoom?

CoinZoom is a cryptocurrency exchange found online at The exchange works similar to most other exchanges: you can buy or sell cryptocurrency, trade bitcoin and altcoins, and deposit or withdraw funds.

There are several features that make CoinZoom unique, however.

First, the exchange offers debit cards. Users can order a Visa debit card to spend their crypto in the ‘real world’. These Visa debit cards work just like any Visa card. You can spend funds at 50+ million merchants worldwide.

Second, CoinZoom is connected to a multilevel marketing company (MLM) called Beyond / Well Beyond. That Salt Lake City, Utah-based company offers a range of supplements, products, and services – including the CoinZoom crypto exchange.

You can access CoinZoom through Or, you can download the app for iOS. An Android app is scheduled to be released soon.

CoinZoom also offers its own native token called ZOOM. You can buy or sell ZOOM through CoinZoom. To qualify for certain membership levels, you must have a minimum amount of ZOOM in your account.

How Does CoinZoom Work?

CoinZoom has a similar three step signup process as other exchanges:

  • Step 1) Create an account at
  • Step 2) Fund your account using crypto, a wire transfer, or other options
  • Step 3) Start trading

Users must complete KYC/AML verification before trading on the platform. However, CoinZoom still claims to be the fastest way to buy, sell, and spend cryptocurrency.

CoinZoom lists around 40 cryptocurrencies. You can trade major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, EOS, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, NEO, and ZCash. You can also trade lesser-known cryptocurrencies like NPXS, GUSD, ALGO, and Ravencoin.

CoinZoom has partnered with BitGo for its digital wallet. That means customer crypto funds are stored with BitGo, one of the most trusted names in the crypto space. All digital currency hold online by CoinZoom is also fully insured. If CoinZoom suffers a breach, then the insurance policy covers all customer funds lost.

Oddly, CoinZoom claims that the insurance policy only covers funds stored online. It’s unclear if any offline funds are covered. Typically, exchanges keep fewer than 2% of funds online, with other funds kept in cold storage. Cold storage is safer, but cold storage funds can still be stolen.

CoinZoom aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and crypto. That’s why CoinZoom offers debit cards and peer-to-peer money transfer services. The exchange makes it easier to transfer funds between fiat and crypto, using both wherever you like:

Card to Crypto: You can use debit cards to buy crypto through the CoinZoom platform. Sign up, then deposit money into the exchange using any normal debit card (the exchange accepts American or international cards).

Crypto to Card: CoinZoom lets you add cryptocurrency to your Visa debit card, letting you spend your crypto in the real world. You can deposit crypto into CoinZoom, for example, then spend that crypto using your Visa debit card. CoinZoom’s Visa debit cards are ordinary Visa cards, and they work anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted.

Peer to Peer: CoinZoom offers ZoomMe, a peer-to-peer fiat or crypto money transfer service. This service is free for members, with limits of $2,500 to $10,000 per day depending on your account level.

At launch CoinZoom supports 40+ cryptocurrencies, and the exchange lists 110 trading pairs.

CoinZoom Features & Benefits

CoinZoom advertises all of the following features and benefits:

  • Institutional grade platform
  • Deep liquidity with network of market makers, OTC desks, and trading pools
  • Crypto deposits secured and insured with registered custodians
  • Regulated and complaint platform
  • Automatic AI-based trading system
  • CoinZoom Visa debit card
  • Instant, free peer-to-peer transfers via ZoomMe Global
  • Multiple deposit methods, including debit card, crypto, and wire transfer
  • Supports multiple fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, CNY, GBP, CAD, AUD, and more

Although the exchange claims to support multiple fiat currencies, it seems CoinZoom only supports USD fiat deposits (and crypto deposits) at launch.

CoinZoom VIP Membership Program

CoinZoom has a VIP membership program. As a VIP member, you receive certain discounts, expanded trading limits, and other benefits.

To qualify as a VIP CoinZoom member, you must buy a qualifying Visa debit card. There’s a Preferred, Gold, Platinum, or Black Visa debit card, depending on your desired membership level.

To maintain your VIP membership status, you must also hold a certain minimum number of ZOOM tokens. You must hold 10,000 to 100,000 ZOOM tokens, depending on your membership level. It appears you must hold these tokens in your account to remain active.

Here’s how the different membership levels break down:


  • 10% discount on trading fees
  • $1,000 per day limit for ZoomMe Global
  • Staking rewards
  • $2,500 referral reward limit
  • Minimum 10,000 ZOOM tokens required


  • 20% discount on trading fees
  • 0.50% bonus interest on holdings
  • $2,500 per day limit for ZoomMe Global
  • Staking rewards of 0.25%
  • $5,000 referral reward limit
  • Eligible for token air drops
  • Minimum 25,000 ZOOM tokens required


  • 35% discount on trading fees
  • 1.00% bonus interest on holdings
  • $5,000 per day limit for ZoomMe Global
  • Staking rewards of 0.50%
  • $20,000 referral reward limit
  • Eligible for token air drops
  • Free wire transfers
  • Minimum 50,000 ZOOM tokens required


  • 50% discount on trading fees
  • 2.00% bonus interest on holdings
  • $10,000 per day limit for ZoomMe Global
  • Staking rewards of 0.75%
  • $50,000 referral reward limit
  • Eligible for token air drops
  • Free wire transfers
  • Minimum 100,000 ZOOM tokens required

ZOOM Tokens

ZOOM is a proof of stake currency. You can earn staking rewards by staking your ZOOM tokens through the platform.

You can also earn CoinZoom staking rewards with DASH, ALGO, and other staking currencies. Just stake your coins through your CoinZoom account.

There’s a coin called Zoom (ZOOM) listed on CoinMarketCap, although it’s different from the CoinZoom token. The ZOOM on CoinMarketCap launched in 2015 and quickly disappeared.

There are limited details about ZOOM available online. It appears you can only buy the ZOOM token through CoinZoom.

As of June 2020, the trading page for ZOOM/USD on CoinZoom shows just 1 or 2 ZOOM trades over the last 6 weeks, with around $2,000 in total volume. However, there’s limited volume in all other CoinZoom pairs, so it appears the exchange is still in the early phase of launch.

As of June 5, 2020, each ZOOM token is priced between $1.50 and $1.60.

CoinZoom AI

CoinZoom also has an automated artificial intelligence (AI) trading system that performs technical analysis. It works similar to other crypto chart analysis tools, alerting you when certain technical patterns form.

Here’s how the official website explains it:

“CoinZoom “AI” is a pattern recognition system that alerts traders of any pending setups on a variety of technical patterns, such as Head and Shoulders, Triple Bottom/Top, Double Bottom/Top, Downward and Upward Channels, amongst others.”

CoinZoom claims the AI helps you make smarter trading decisions. Based on the AI’s analysis, it might recommend an entry point for a specific cryptocurrency. It might recommend buying bitcoin any time it drops below $9,000, for example, or selling it any time above $20,000.

CoinZoom Fees

Traders pay fees of 0.20% to 0.26% per trade. However, if you’re a member of the VIP Rewards Program, then fees drop as low as 0.10% to 0.125% per trade.

Here’s how fees break down:

Trading Fees

You must pay a fee when making or taking (accepting) a trade via CoinZoom, which is standard on all crypto exchanges:

  • Standard Fee: 0.20% maker / 0.26% taker
  • Preferred VIP Rewards Member Fee: 0.18% maker / 0.225% taker
  • Gold VIP Rewards Member: 0.16% maker / 0.20% taker
  • Platinum VIP Rewards Member: 0.13% maker /0.1625% taker
  • Black VIP Rewards Member: 0.10% maker / 0.125% taker

Most crypto exchanges use a ‘maker’ and ‘taker’ fee structure. The maker is the person who ‘makes’ the trade by posting it to the exchange’s order book. The ‘taker’ is the person who ‘takes’ the trade, accepting the trade on the order book.

Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

Most CoinZoom deposits are free, although you’ll pay a small fee for withdrawals. This is also standard on crypto exchanges:

  • ACH: Free deposits and withdrawals
  • Wire (USD): Free deposits, $25 per withdrawal
  • Debit Card: 2.99% per deposit, 0% fees per withdrawal
  • Crypto Deposits: Free
  • Crypto Withdrawals: 0.0005 BTC, 0.005 ETH, 0.1 XRP, 0.1 EOS, 0.001 LTC, 0.0001 BCH, 5.0 USDT

Is CoinZoom Legit or a Scam?

CoinZoom appears to be a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange has limited volume and is in the early stages of launch. However, the exchange has partnered with liquidity pools, OTC desks, and other providers to ensure any trades get filled. The exchange has also successfully received a money transmitter license in several states.

CoinZoom also does something many scam exchanges do not: it publishes its APIs online. The company is transparent about its API documentation and other elements of the exchange. You can view exchange documentation here:

CoinZoom seems like a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange, although there are some unusual things about the exchange.

Some may worry about the connection between CoinZoom and Well Beyond, for example. Well Beyond is a multilevel marketing company, and MLMs have a reputation for being glorified pump and dump schemes with limited transparency and shady marketing tactics.

The ZOOM tokens and VIP Rewards system also seem unusual. You must maintain a certain number of ZOOM tokens to maintain your membership status. It’s not quite a membership fee, although it’s very similar.

CoinZoom also seems to be partnering with dubious ‘crypto influencers’ online. These crypto influencers have published rave reviews about CoinZoom online, despite the fact the exchange has limited volume. In May 2020, for example, CoinZoom paid one influencer $25,000 as part of a ‘sweepstakes’. That’s a lot of money for an exchange that has not yet fully launched.

Overall, however, CoinZoom seems like a legitimate company and a legitimate crypto business. The exchange was recently licensed as a Money Transmitter in Idaho, for example, and it anticipates receiving similar licenses for all 50 states – including New York’s BitLicense, which is required for any crypto exchange operating in the state.

About Well Beyond

CoinZoom was created by a Utah-based multilevel marketing company named Well Beyond. The company operates the CoinZoom cryptocurrency exchange and wallet. They also sell shakes, supplements, weight loss formulas, and more.

Well Beyond was created in early 2020, with the official launch occurring in June 2020.

Users pay a membership fee to join the company, ranging from $150 to $2,000. It also seems members must pay monthly subscription fees to remain active in the company.

Well Beyond is led by founder and CEO Jeremy Reynolds, best-known for writing a book called The Wellness 8.

You can contact Well Beyond (also known simply as Beyond) via the following:

Phone: 775-971-9903

Mailing Address: 807 East South Temple, Suite 101 Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Because the success of CoinZoom appears to be tied to the growth of Well Beyond and Beyond Wealth memberships and a compensation plan, let’s take a not-so-quick detour and review Well Beyond health opportunity with a crypto payment system before sharing our final words on the CoinZoom cryptocurrency exchange and ZOOM tokens.

What is Well Beyond Health MLM?

Well Beyond is a program that was launched in 2017, following the CEO’s purchase of MXI Corp that helps members to be profitable with a platform and a process that is already developed for optimal progress. As the website states, it offers an opportunity for consumers to go from being a worker for another company to becoming the owner of that business. Furthermore, members have the chance to migrate from working for themselves to becoming a passive earner that gains wealth from the people that function beneath them.

While in the pre-launch phase, though CEO Jeremy Reynolds claims that the last few months have allowed it to have amazing performance, which is no easy feat with the pandemic affecting nearly every form of commerce. In fact, he states that company has seen a 553% increase in new enrollments through the spring months, as well as a 442% growth in membership through the same 60-day period. Reynolds has been involved in a

The company seems to focus on offering health and wellness products, as well as digital technology products. However, with the pre-launch in the works, Reynolds and founder Jeff Graham. are offering other investors the chance to become a founder with their program, selling a membership instead of a product directly. In fact, there is no place on the website to currently sell a product – there are only changes to purchase different levels of involvement, as well as extra packages for discounts and benefits with different accounts.

The Infinite Success App

The key to getting access to the program is through the Infinite Success app, which allows consumers to get a view of their role in the platform to see how the process works. From this app, users will be able to invite new prospects, check their personal data and length of membership, and see their own team.

On the app, users will see their CoinZoom account, which is free. CoinZoom is an exchange wallet that allows consumers to store multiple fiat and cryptocurrencies in one. All spending comes with a 5% cashback reward, and they’ll receive rewards when others below them incur transaction fees.

They’ll also have a free position in the Infinity Line.

The Beyond Wealth Products

The first product is the digital technology product offering, which requires a $39 activation fee, as well as a $60 subscription fee each month. Users will get a Gold Account with CoinZoom with the purchase, and they’ll be able to access a cryptocurrency trading platform that uses artificial intelligence called Beyond AI.

The Health and Wellness Product Offering costs the same for the activation and monthly subscription to the supplement. Users will get a Preferred Account with CoinZoom, and they will have access to both a line of chocolate products a line of Remity supplements/skincare formulas.

The Remity products include:

  • Remity Balance, for gut health ($45.99)
  • Remity Focus, for focus and concentration ($45.99)
  • Remity Rest & Restore, for sleeplessness ($45.99)
  • Beyond C Serum, a topical remedy applied after cleansing skin for protection from the elements ($84.99)
  • Beyond C Cream, a topical treatment that uses cacao for skin protection without sunscreen ($84.99)
  • Beyond Skincare, a combination of the serum and the cream for $169.99.

Where Does MXI Corp Fit In?

In a press release by the company, Reynolds explains that the brand expands on the Xocai chocolate products that originally belonged to MXI Corp. Specifically, these products include:

  • XoBiotic Squares, a dark chocolate with probiotics ($39.99)
  • X Power Squares, a chocolate with antioxidants ($39.99
  • Combo Pack, for a total of two packs each of the aforementioned squares
  • Xe TRM, a single-serve sachet promotes a heightened metabolism and energy level by balancing the microbiome ($84.99)
  • Xe Lite, an energy drink with superfruits and antioxidants ($84.99)
  • Beyond Shake, a dark chocolate or salted caramel vanilla antioxidant-rich meal replacement drink ($84.99)

Residual Income and Compensation with Well Beyond

Upon entering the website, Well Beyond is not clear about the actual compensation plan, how many affiliate ranks are available, or even retail commissions. Instead, it appears that consumers must turn to the residual income. Monthly earnings that increase with the total number of people in the Infinity Line. For instance, with a 2×2 structure, the total monthly earnings only amount to $60, while having up to 126 beneath the individual will bring in close to $6,000.

These earnings are exclusively available to individuals that qualify for the Infinity Line bonus and qualifying for this bonus will entirely depend on the number of customers involved. Everything is earned by the people that register beneath the member, keeping in mind that new founders would technically fall beneath the founder and CEO at some level.

Getting Involved With Beyond – The Memberships

To determine exactly how much money there is to be made with Well Beyond, consumers will have multiple membership options. New members are required to purchase the Infinity Club or Infinity Founder pack, which puts them in a possible position at heading the leaderboard. Created with a certain hierarchy, the new member will be able to enroll other people as a way of keeping their spot at the top of the leaderboard.

About Infinity Standard (Feature)

Infinity Standard is the most basic of all of these memberships, costing the new member $149 and earning them 1 Leaderboard point and 50 Binary CV in the process. They’ll get a CoinZoom account, along with a ticket to the launch event on June 6th.

Like the Infinity Standard membership, this option comes with a waived activation fee and a waved membership enrollment fee.

About the Infinity Club (Preferred)

Priced at $499 with a 100 CV reward and 200 Binary CV, this membership provides users with priority access to the Infinite Success app. Anyone that enrolls will be automatically placed in the Beyond Rewards plan, and these members get 20% in team commissions if they buy a Preferred Pack, but this reward will only last for the first eight weeks.

Other rewards of signing up for this membership included a Limited Edition 001 Metal Card, a Platinum account with CoinZoom (including 500 Zoom Tokens) and the ability to receive a single share of the global 001 Infinity Line Sales. The company will also waive the activation fee for Infinity Line (normally $39) and for the enrollment fee (normally $47). They’ll automatically get priority access to events involving the company as well as a special invitation to training events.

About Infinity Founder (Elite)

Reserved for the top members of Well Beyond, the Infinity Founder Membership costs $1,999 to purchase, but the rewards are above and beyond what any other membership provides. While users will get all of the membership benefits of the other packages that precede it, participants will get 1,200 Binary CV, as well as a $600 bonus for referrals, five shares of the 001 Infinity Line Sales, and the option of purchasing up to 25 nodes.

Users will also get the added benefit of almost all of the benefits that come with a promotional preferred pack, but without having to buy them.

About the Promotional Preferred Packs

There are presently two Preferred Packs, currently available for $499. One is called Well Beyond, while the other is called Beyond Wealth.

A Well Beyond pack earns four Infinity Leaderboard points, and it comes with 100 Binary CV. By purchasing the Infinity Club Pack, the user will qualify for an 8-week 20% commission, and they’ll get two Xe TRM Wild Berry (30-count).

Consumers can also choose the Beyond Wealth option for the same price and all of the Binary CV and referral bonus, as well as points for the leaderboard. They have the added benefit of a $150 discount off the purchase of 1 Velocity Node, giving them the ability to buy 10 nodes. Members that purchase the Beyond Wealth membership will also receive 50% savings on Wanderlust Travel.

Members with one of these promotional packages will automatically be registered for the Leadership Development broadcast on June 5th and the Beyond Launch broadcast on June 6th.

Recruitment Commission and Other Rewards

Payment is given to members as a commission for new recruits, though the amount varies with the type of affiliate that signs up beneath them.

  • Earn $20 for a Feature affiliate recruit
  • Earn $50 for a Preferred affiliate recruit
  • Earn $150 for an Elite affiliate recruit

For anyone that is personally recruited by the member who gained these affiliates, they’ll receive a 50% commission. However, the only way to qualify as a Well Beyond affiliate is to recruit two more.

Members can also earn points for their recruitments. As the official website explains, “Each 5 points earned will get you 1 share in the Infinity Pool which represents 2% of Infinity Line revenue not one time, but forever as long as you are active!” Even though the Infinity Line will not be made publicly available until its release later this month, the leaderboard will indicate where the member lies.

Everything is wrapped into a rather straightforward point system. Three points are awarded every time 500 Binary CV are generated as a result of buying purchasing one of the membership packs. Members also get rewarded for Preferred Pack Enrollments (4 points), for selling Infinity Club Packs (5 points) and for sales of the Infinity Founder Pack (25 points).

As further incentive to sign up, Well Beyond offers ten separate Global Bonus Pools that split 10% of the sales volume accrued by the company. Every single group receives 1%, which is split into a share per person.

The Bottom Line About Well Beyond & CoinZoom Token

The whole of the Well Beyond company seems to be built on a system that allows consumers to profit from the individuals that register below them. There are many referral bonuses to be had, but the big money to be made comes from the downline of other individuals who sign up. However, all of these packages state that the commission lasts for the first 8 weeks, without showing any indication of how the user will continue to make money beyond the sales of these supplements, for which there is no information offered.

Still, the company still has yet to launch so there are no products directly available to order. The only way that members can secure their place is to sign up as a founder, which means that there’s no actual way to make money beyond that right now.

CoinZoom is a cryptocurrency exchange offering free money transfers, easy signups, and trading in 50+ cryptocurrencies.

CoinZoom also offers Visa debit cards, letting you spend your crypto in the real world. You can qualify for the Visa debit cards by holding a certain number of ZOOM tokens in your account.

Overall, CoinZoom aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and crypto. The exchange is in the early stages of launch, although it clearly has ambitious goals for the future. You can learn more about the exchange today at

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