CoinZoom is Now a Part of Visa’s Fintech Fast Track Program

CoinZoom, the US-based cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced that it has been accepted into Visa’s Fintech Fast Track Program. This new opportunity for CoinZoom will allow it to more easily become integrated into Visa’s network, which will help it accept payments with the Visa network, among other things.

In addition to other development opportunities, CoinZoom plans on offering its clients the ability to send funds via debit cards and the Visa network to their token wallets, in real-time. This represents a big upgrade in functionality and will allow them to deliver a better customer experience.

At the moment, CoinZoom has a Visa card that its US clients can use, which allows them to convert crypto to fiat, and use it with the Visa debit card at more than 53 million POS terminals and ATMs across the world. Visa has one of the most comprehensive payment platforms globally.

As a result of its joining the Visa Fintech Fast Track program, CoinZoom is planning to offer a new service, called CoinZoom Instant. Working with Visa Direct, CoinZoom Instant will give clients the ability to convert crypto to fiat, and send the funds directly to a debit card.

CoinZoom is Expanding its Offerings

Visa is one of the most important payment processors in the world, and with entrance into the Visa Fintech Fast Track program, CoinZoom will have the ability to develop many new tools for its clients.

Todd Crosland, the CEO of CoinZoom, commented,

“We’re excited to expand our money transfer services and launch CoinZoom Instant through this collaboration1 with Visa…Our customers can currently send fiat or crypto instantly to other users for free via our peer-to-peer transfer feature, ZoomMe, and now through our expanded collaboration with Visa, we will be able to provide a premier service to global customers in the peer-to-peer marketplace, that totals over $20T per year. Through the integration with Visa Direct our U.S. customers will be able to convert…

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