Coinflex Launches Noncustodial Interest-Bearing Stablecoin on BCH and ETH Networks

The cryptocurrency exchange Coinflex has announced the launch of a unique interest-bearing stablecoin called Flexusd. The new stablecoin is considered to be the first dollar-backed crypto that pays interest at the base level. Moreover, the new token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and the Bitcoin Cash network as well by leveraging the Simple Ledger Protocol.

The digital currency trading platform Coinflex has revealed the creation of a new stablecoin token that bears interest. A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that is tied to the price of a fiat currency and traditionally it’s the U.S. dollar. This allows people to hold crypto assets without exposing themselves to massive price fluctuations found in bitcoin (BTC) or ethereum (ETH) markets.

The stablecoin economy has grown massive and today there’s $23 billion worth of fiat-pegged digital assets.’s CEO Mark Lamb told his Twitter followers about the new stablecoin token on Wednesday.

“We’re proud to have launched the first interest bearing stablecoin,” Lamb tweeted. “Flexusd pays yield while you hold the private keys. Currently paying 8% interest, it earns yield from our repo market which powers our deliverable perps. The only sustainable yield is from leverage,” the Coinflex CEO added.

Coinflex Launches Noncustodial Interest-Bearing Stablecoin on BCH and ETH Networks

The new token’s website description explains that Flexusd is a multi-yield bearing stablecoin that operates in a noncustodial fashion. Traditionally, stablecoins give some of the highest yields on the market but users need to use them as collateral or deposit them on a centralized exchange.

“Flexusd and all Flex assets earn interest even when just sitting in a wallet, defi app, exchange or margin account,” the web portal notes. “This enables what we call ‘yield on yield’ i.e. using natively yield-bearing Flex Assets to earn extra yield on top from these various sources in crypto.”

Coinflex details that the token will be made available via the Ethereum and…

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