Coinbase: The One-Stop Shop For Trading Crypto Assets

Right now, our long-term outlook in the crypto market is decisively bullish.

Why? Because we’re seeing a favorable risk/reward ratio …

Because the Federal Reserve is creating a new surge in demand for crypto assets by printing fiat money at the fastest pace in history. And this demand should collide with a crimpled supply once Bitcoin goes through its halving event next month …

AND because our timing model agrees. It tells us that both Bitcoin and altcoins are trading close to long-term support.

All things considered, now is a good time to start accumulating crypto assets for the long haul, taking advantage of today’s relatively low price levels.

To do that, you’ll need a crypto exchange account. And when it comes to crypto exchanges, we have good news for you.

Not long ago, it was often cumbersome for average investors to buy cryptocurrencies. Almost all our subscribers were able to do it. But most agreed that, compared to opening a typical online brokerage account, it was “a royal pain in the butt.”

We can’t say that has been 100% fixed. There are still quite a few steps that you need to take.

But it IS a lot easier today for two reasons:

First, you need only ONE cryptocurrency exchange account. Previously, you needed one account to convert your fiat currency of choice to Bitcoin. Then, you needed a second account to convert your Bitcoin into other cryptocurrencies.

Now, a leading U.S.-based exchange, Coinbase, provides a one-stop-shopping solution for both.

Second, as we’ll explain in a bit, you now only need to take a few more steps to open your account as you would with any standard online brokerage accounts.

Please understand, however, that we do not recommend or make referrals to brokerage firms or crypto exchanges. And aside from trading accounts that we ourselves may have, we have no business relationship with brokers or exchanges that we cover.

That’s also true for the crypto exchange we discuss at length in this issue,…

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