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While Americans are still getting their third stimulus payments, discussions of tacking on a fourth round of direct payments to Joe Biden’s trillion-dollar infrastructure proposal have started trending. Just recently, a coalition led by Senate Finance Chair Ron Wyden and over a dozen Democratic leaders wrote a letter to President Biden asking to get “much-needed relief to American families.”

A Coalition of American Bureaucrats Want More Stimulus Payments Distributed

Senate Finance Chair Ron Wyden and 21 Democratic senators want U.S. President Joe Biden to initiate a fourth round of stimulus payments. The last stimulus payments of $1,400 per individual and more funding for Americans with dependents are still being distributed.

The U.S. senators have sent a letter to Biden requesting more “recurring, smartly-targeted, auto-stabilized direct payments” for American citizens. The coalition highlights that they want the direct payments “to be included in President Biden’s next economic recovery package as a top legislative priority.”

Coalition of US Senators Press President Biden for a Fourth Round of Stimulus Checks

Four days ago, News reported on Joe Biden’s push to get Congress to approve of his infrastructure plan in order to “build back a better” America. Initially, estimates said the package Biden is proposing would be around $2.25 trillion, but Biden seems willing to compromise.

However, with the letter sent to Biden from Democratic leaders and if he approved of adding direct payments, the stimulus could be much larger. The letter stresses that senators are “worried about the cliff facing unemployed workers when the unemployment insurance extensions expire on September 6.”

The letter signed by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Edward Markey, Sherrod Brown, Debbie Stabenow, Richard Blumenthal, and others notes the senators think there are plenty of reasons to keep payments going. The group of senators believes that President Biden must be bold and help the American people…

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