CMF North America: The Current State and Future of the Cryptocurrency Mining Industry

On April 13, Bitmain held the Crypto Mining Forum (CMF) online for the North American Region. Antminer, AntPool, along with key customers and strategic partners all participated in the forum to deliver solid speeches and panels, aiming at bringing together the top leading mining companies’ insights on the current state and the future development of the cryptocurrency mining industry in the region.

Bitmain, Antminer, and AntPool Continues to Empower Users
and Mining Industry

The cryptocurrency mining industry has entered a new stage of
maturity and stability. Since Bitmain’s establishment in 2013, the company
has spared no efforts to develop advanced technologies and innovations to move
the industry forward.

Main Speakers

At the forum, Irene Gao, Sales Director of NSCA, Antminer, announced the new global sales strategy from Bitmain. The company will adopt an ordering method with insured clauses for users. To better meet the growing market needs for mining hardware, Antminer recently introduced an annual batch order purchase for the Antminer S19j Pro. Featuring a strong hash rate at 100 TH/s and a low energy efficiency ratio of 29.5 J/TH, the miner can truly bring a long-term investment value to customers.

Eric Wang, North American Operations Manager at AntPool, introduced the mining pool development. According to Eric, in recent years, he has witnessed a significant hash rate growth in the region and forecasts that the region will continue to grow.

To better empower miners, Bitmain announced at the CMF, the
company will develop a global mining map to assist customers in finding the
best/new locations for new facilities set-up. Besides, Bitmain will establish
more cooperative mining centers in North America to empower the industry to
flourish and promised to meet the goal of repairing miners in the region to achieve
a turnaround time (TAT) of 3 days. As the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining
platform, AntPool will…

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