CME Board Nominee Champions Bitcoin (BTC) Mining, Proposes Blockchain Trading and Tokenized Shares

The founder of the Fortezza Forza RMC Fund, Dante Federighi, has outlined his fresh perspective on how to leverage CME Group’s position as the world’s largest futures exchange, as the industry leader enters an increasingly digital environment utilizing blockchain-based assets and financial platforms. He thinks it’s time for CME to start mining Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies as well as issue tokenized shares.

Federighi, a candidate for the CME board of directors focused on class B-2 shareholders, says digitizing and fractionalizing B shares and letting them trade freely and openly on a blockchain to track ownership and transactions will drive efficiency.

“We can provide superior liquidity to B-share owners; enable future owners to gradually buy into a membership over time; and create significant new revenue streams for our trading right owners.”

Part of his strategy would be to implement a new governance system of one user per “New CME Token” that could eliminate “all 106 and electronic corporate structures.” By allowing the New CME Token to be fractionalized and leased, Federighi imagines a stream of untapped leasing opportunities, higher trading volume and a more liquid market for trading CME products.

To stay ahead of the technology curve, Federighi also proposes a plan for mining the world’s leading cryptocurrency, along with unspecified altcoins, by moving into renewable energies to subsidize the effort.

“Some of our largest investors, i.e. BlackRock, are shifting investments to companies focused on creating value for all their stakeholders. The CME Group needs to get in front of this trend by building solar/wind/hydro energy plants to power our global operations. Then divert the excess energy to mine Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.”

Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported that a natural gas power plant in the central region of New York State is mining roughly 5.5 Bitcoin (BTC) per day,…

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