Clearing Up the Crypto Confusion For US-Based Binance Traders of Altcoins

The crypto industry is in shock following news that Binance will be launching a US-based crypto exchange counterpart in the face of increased pressure from financial watchdogs, and moving forward with blocking US customers from visiting the current platform. Uncertainty surrounding which of Binance’s exotic altcoins will make its way to the stateside exchange has sparked a massive selloff across all crypto assets except for Bitcoin – which is rising in value as the altcoins are traded into BTC via their trading pairs.

But before crypto traders further panic, a list of the altcoins that will still be available to US customers, along with which alternative crypto exchanges offer each respective coin, has been making its way around the internet that could help ease further concerns and inform investors on the next steps necessary to take any assets stored on Binance currently elsewhere in the crypto industry.

Which of the Binance Altcoins May Make it to US Exchange?

Altcoins are bleeding out after investors learned that the Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange would be blocking US customers from visiting its trading platform, instead directing them to a new US-based version of Binance. But this version of Binance would be very regulator-friendly, which means that many of the exotic altcoins offered on the Changpeng Zhao-led exchange.

The uncertainty over which altcoins might fall under scrutiny by financial watchdogs in the country, has led to a massive panic-induced selloff, where even the most bullish altcoins have plummeted in both USD and BTC value.

To help clear up the confusion that’s causing fear across the crypto market, one analyst has put together a spreadsheet that is complete with most altcoins offered by Binance,…

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