Chris Bukowski, Bachelor In Paradise Star, Sees Bitcoin Prices Rising

Chris Bukowski, ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star who also happens to be very much involved in the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin community, is Kiana Danial’s guest today at Invest Diva’s ‘Diva On The Block’ show.

Chris started his Bachelor Nation career back in 2012, retired in 2015, and came back in 2019 to Bachelor in Paradise and ended up getting engaged to Katie Morton. But believe it or not, there’s more into Chris than just a record-breaking bachelor franchise returnee. I know many of you guys are dying to know about Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton’s relationship status. you want to know why they’re not posting Instagram pictures together as often.

Is Chris Bukowski breakup rumors are true?

Will we see Chris back on the bachelor Nation again?

As a bachelor’s top fan, I’m dying to know the answer to all these too.

But I’m gonna pull a Chris Harisson here. Chris Bukowski and I are first going to talk about his foray into entrepreneurship. I’ll dig in the REAL reason why he went on the bachelor back in 2012. We talk about how he got involved in Bitcoin and where he sees the community going.

Then, we’ll get to the most dramatic episode of Diva On the Block with all the hot juicy bachelor stuff. I’ll be grilling Chris to get the truth about him and Katie out.

After you watch the video, go to the comment section and let me know what you think of Chris Bukowski’s personal…

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