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Chorus One, a builder and operator of validators on Proof-of-Stake (PoS) networks; has unveiled Anthem, a web application for users to track and manage their portfolio of PoS assets.

This initial beta version of Anthem focuses on staking for the Cosmos Hub.

“The core motivation to build Anthem arose from our own needs as a staking provider: Currently, most accounting and tax regimes require you to recognize revenues at the time received. When staking on Cosmos, this means that revenues occur every single block, or around 400,000 times a month! So far, there has been no public tool allowing you to see your historical staking rewards. Anthem changes that. Our long-term vision for Anthem is to provide stakers with a consistent, personalized dashboard that allows them to track, manage, and optimize how their staking assets are utilized across many different networks.”
– The Chorus One Team

Features of Anthem

Logging In

Users can sign in with Ledger to automatically see information on their Ledger account. When connecting a Ledger device users can also withdraw rewards and stake ATOM. Users can further sign in with address to track staking data for any Cosmos address.


This is the core element of Anthem. Here users can see their portfolio development, past transactions, as well as their current balance.

Anthem visualizes historical data on users’ total ATOM portfolio including the ability to filter staked and available ATOM, as well as the rewards that accrued while staking. Anthem also allows users to export a CSV file that can be used for tax reporting or analytics.


There is a variety of ways to customize settings in Anthem. Users can choose different fiat currencies to manage as a base currency, and the language in which Anthem is displayed can be changed; Anthem currently supports Chinese, English, German, Korean, and Spanish.

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