China’s Latest Loongson CPUs Are On Par With AMD’s Excavator

Loongson 3A4000 (Image credit: Loongson)

According to a MyDrivers report, Chinese chipmaker Loongson, formerly known as Godson, has announced its latest quad-core 3A4000 and 3B4000 processors. The first is aimed at the mainstream market while the latter is designed for the server market. The chips are 100% made in China and don’t rely on any third-party intellectual property.

Loongson president Hu Weiwu has stated that the 3A4000 delivers twice the performance of its predecessor, the 3A3000. Hu goes on to mention that processor’s performance is comparable to that of AMD’s 28nm Excavator parts, which launched in 2015.

Both 3A4000 and 3B4000 employ the GS464V microarchitecture and are built on STMicroelectronics’ 28nm FD-SOI (Fully Depleted Silicon On Insulator) manufacturing process and utilize the FCBGA-1211 package. The processors are equipped with four cores, 8MB of L3 cache and operating clocks that span between 1.8 GHz to 2 GHz.

Loongson 3A4000

Loongson 3A4000 (Image credit: Loongson)

Loongson’s latest pair of 28nm parts support DDR4-2400 memory, dynamic frequency and voltage regulation, which should help improve battery life in laptops. The 3A4000 draws up to 30W, 40W and 50W at 1.5 GHz, 1.8 GHz and 2 GHz, respectively.

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