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The People’s Bank of China’s upcoming digital yuan card will feature IDEX Biometrics and fingerprint scanning, according to regional reports. China’s “Digital Currency Electronic Payment” or DCEP is getting closer toward launch by the day. Last week, smart card manufacturer Chutian Dragon and IDEX Biometrics announced the companies are working on a digital yuan payments card.

China’s DCEP Will Boast Advanced Fingerprint Identification and Authentication Solutions

China’s DCEP continues to make headlines as the crypto asset and central bank-crafted network inches closer toward reality. As the digital yuan draws near, News reported on’s employee participation, Tencent and Ant Group’s help, and Mastercard looking to engage with DCEP transactions. Additionally, reports had shown that the People’s Bank of China-run Digital Currency Research Institute’s, Ma Changchun, stressed that the DCEP would not be fully anonymous.

China's Digital Yuan Smart Card to Feature Biometrics and Fingerprint Scanning

Now regional reports from China reveal that a new smart card specifically designed to work with the DCEP is being created and the card will feature biometrics. 8btc contributor Olusegun Ogundeji details that Chutian Dragon is one of the largest smart card makers in Asia and is collaborating “with the Norwegian provider of advanced fingerprint identification and authentication solutions” provider IDEX Biometrics.

Ogundeji also notes that Chinese officials are hoping to launch the DCEP during Beijing’s Winter Olympics in 2022.

‘China’s CBDC Is Ahead of the Game,’ Says IDEX Biometrics

China has been ahead of the game in comparison to the U.S. when it comes to a central bank digital currency (CBDC). In the company’s recent announcement about the DCEP project, IDEX Biometrics says: “China is leading the way with digital currency electronic payment.”

IDEX Biometrics further notes that a biometric payment card is essential for a CBDC network. “For the average…

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