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The ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China may well be playing into the Socialist Republics’ hands. Having decoupled from its largest trade partner, Chinese enterprises are exploring more lucrative options in the Middle East and Africa with a basis in blockchain technology to help boost their self-sufficiency.

Ben Harburg, managing partner of Beijing-based venture capital firm MSA Capital, has noted that China is now forging bigger and bolder relationships, especially in the realm of technology. With a recent pledge towards blockchain technology, it is further pushing for an advantage in a technological arms race.

There is the growing sentiment in the West that the U.S. is missing the boat by not actively embracing blockchain and cryptocurrency, viewing it with suspicion and skepticism. Their ploy to cripple the second-largest economy with a trade war is only helping to bolster China’s tech space.

China Eyes Attractive Alternatives

Harburg, speaking with CNBC, has said that the trade war has forced Chinese businesses to innovate and diversify quicker than they had planned. This could also explain the timing of president Xi Jinping’s speech reaffirming the country’s stance on utilizing blockchain.

“This forced self-sufficiency and forced decoupling has yielded them a really attractive market,” Harburg said of Chinese companies — most notably those in tech.

He continued, stating:

“The chip industry here would have loved another five years to get its feet underneath it. Operating systems locally would have preferred more time for maturation. But it’s kind of the necessity of innovation at this moment to survive. It’s pushing these companies to emerging technology markets and what they’re finding there are incredibly attractive conditions.”

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