Chillingly Accurate Indicator Says Crypto Market Will Soon Target New Highs

The crypto market is like the wild west, with extreme price volatility across all major assets in the space due to the speculative nature of the asset class combined with the low liquidity environment. But it’s still ruled by normal market dynamics, and responds well to certain technical analysis indicators, chart patterns, and more.

One particular indicator that’s repeatedly shown chilling accuracy across all major assets, especially Bitcoin, is now signaling that one final pump may be in the cards before a sell signal triggers, representing a top and end to the current rally.

Bitcoin 3D Chart Readies TD 9 Sell Signal, But Higher High Needed For Perfected Setup

The TD Sequential indicator has been a popular topic on NewsBTC lately, with many assets triggering the signal, and then markets responding as the tool predicted.

The tool recently called Bitcoin’s recent local high, absolutely nailed the top at $10,500 back in February and has made many other epic calls in the past.

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The TD Sequential indicator called the all-time high peak perfectly, then again at Bitcoin’s current bear market $3,200 bottom. It’s not perfect, however, and recently signaled XRP was a buy on monthly timeframes, and the asset continues to suffer.

But given the repeated accuracy and how it functions, it suggests that a higher high in the Bitcoin price charts is possible, perfecting the TD 9 sell setup.

The indicator works by numbering candles in a sequence. The sequence resets if a new high or low is set ahead of the setup perfecting at 9 or 13. A 9 setup is perfected only when the 8 or 9 candle is higher than the 7. The best setups come from when 9 is higher than the 8 candle also.

The 3-day Bitcoin price chart has just reached a 9, but the setup has yet to perfect. If Bitcoin reaches a higher high within the next 36 hours, the setup will be perfected and a reversal likely.

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