Chiliz delivers on its promise, starts trading Juventus token

  • A company that deals in sports cryptos, Chiliz, is now offering Juventus (JUV) trading.
  • The firm announced the coin’s launch on its exchange next week to have it officially supported days later.
  • Chiliz is making plans to bring plenty of other coins, which can be obtained in exchange for its native CHZ.

Recently, Malta-based, sports-oriented company, Chiliz, announced that it plans to add support for the football token Juventus. Now, the firm fulfilled its promise, and Juventus finally entered the trade.

JUV now available on Chiliz

The token, known as JUV, is now available at two locations. The first one is the firm’s mobile trading platform, The second one is Chiliz’s main exchange.

The founder and CEO of both, Chiliz and, Alexandre Dreyfus, commented on the move. He said that the company is establishing a “brand new relationship between real-world sporting news and digital asset price fluctuations that will drive interest in this original class of trading from traditional crypto enthusiasts and regular sports fans.

Of course, Juventus as the result of a partnership between the football club and a blockchain firm. With the club-specific token listed on the exchange and offered to the fans, the fans can easily obtain it in a safe way.

Not only that, but they can also use it for voting when it comes to team-related decisions. Lastly, they will also be able to receive rewards, so the token has multiple use cases.

The announcement also mentioned that there is a total of 20 million JUV coins that were mined up to this point. However, the internal allocations have prevented this exact number of tokens from entering circulation.

Even so, there are plenty of coins to go around, and the fan token is obtainable in exchange for CHZ, Chiliz’s native crypto. However, CHZ itself is present on quite a few exchanges, including the top one like Binance.

Chiliz wants to list more sports token

This is also not the end for Chiliz and sports tokens. The company already has ties to a number of other sports-crypto tokens, which it plans to bring in due time. Some examples include FC Barcelona, Atletico De Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, Galatasaray, and others.

Chiliz wants all of these and more tokens listed in the future, even more determined to bring them after JUV’s success.

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