Charles Hoskinson Spotlights Crypto Drive, Cardano’s Latest Milestone and the Intensity That Birthed Ethereum

Public blockchain project Cardano just touched a major milestone and is progressing as planned, according to founder Charles Hoskinson, co-creator of Ethereum.

Hoskinson announced upcoming staking and the testnet release date via Twitter.

“The tentative snapshot date will be November 29th, we will do an information dump on December 5th for all the staking rewards information including percentages and the testnet will be released December 9th. These dates are subject to development milestones.”

Cardano, which utilizes the cryptocurrency Ada to send and receive digital funds, promises to revolutionize the crypto space and power the most highly-advanced smart contract platform by implementing more sophisticated features than its competitors.

On Wednesday, Hoskinson gave a shout-out to the team of developers using the programming language Haskell to bring the project to fruition. His message draws attention to the work that is happening behind the scenes, far away from the speculative trading that commands much of the interest in cryptocurrencies.

As developers work to build a more open and accessible global financial system, progress appears to continue despite market volatility, lack of regulatory clarity and pushback from governments, policymakers and incumbents.

Says Hoskinson,

“Congratulations to the entire Haskell team for the release of Cardano Haskell 1.0 to the relays and soon new core nodes. This is a major milestone stemming from over a year of intense effort and I’m incredibly proud and pleased to see this entering production.

We should also take a moment to recognize that this release moves beyond just a Haskell application. It also serves as reference code for how an application should be built in Haskell and proof that Haskell can be used to build real applications that are competitive with the mainstream languages. As it’s open source, this knowledge is now available to the entire Haskell community and the broader development…

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