Changelly adds fixed fee crypto exchange feature on new mobile app

Changelly, a leading instant cryptocurrency swap platform, has announced the release of its renovated mobile application which features fixed-rate exchanges. From now on, Changelly users no longer have to undertake the risks of market fluctuations when exchanging cryptocurrency.

For those who would like to exchange crypto at a floating rate, Changelly still offers a fee of 0.25% for all crypto-to-crypto exchanges.

How Fix Rate Works

When choosing the fixed-rate exchange option inside the Changelly mobile app, a user gets the exact amount of cryptocurrency which is displayed to them before executing the exchange, regardless of rate fluctuations during the exchange.

To provide users with no-risk crypto exchanges, Changelly establishes a small reserve, guaranteeing the protection of users’ funds from market fluctuations. This reserve is already included inside the rate that is displayed at the beginning of the exchange.

Changelly Mobile App

The new mobile app is now more comparable to the Changelly web version in terms of the variety of the provided options, and features:

  • Exchanging one crypto for another using the fixed-rate or the floating rate mechanisms
  • Buying of any listed cryptocurrency with a bank card
  • Exploring cryptos listed and real-time rates
  • Section for user transaction history
  • Support section where users can send a request to the Changelly support team
  • Labeling of favorite crypto addresses and the ability to save them to an address list

The redesigned Changelly mobile app has been streamlined and made easier to use. It takes up only 8MB of memory and supports Android starting with version 4.4.

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