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In my view, Bitcoin Independence Day is a holiday that says a lot about the BTC community. Its origins are highly technical and difficult to understand, the “independence” it celebrates refers to the developer community overcoming interests from industrialized miners and, ultimately, it’s a chance for Bitcoiners to reflect on the young history of the technology and engage in debate.

To celebrate, Bitcoin Magazine hosted a day of educational, evangelical and argumentative programming. I think it spoke well to what this holiday should ultimately mean for Bitcoin.

Why Is Bitcoin Independence Day Worth Celebrating?

Bitcoin Magazine’s Aaron van Wirdum has covered the technical debate that this holiday commemorates, which culminated in the successful activation of the SegWit protocol upgrade in 2017, better than I ever could. For this year’s celebration, our team made a helpful animated video to cover the history as well.

But the history alone doesn’t quite explain why Bitcoin Independence Day is important enough to celebrate three years later. I think we celebrate it because we see this as an existential moment in Bitcoin when the good of the many won out over the aims of the powerful few — proof that this universal, permissionless value system was resilient in the ways it needs to be. Evidence of our independence.

“It’s not possible to deploy whatever you want on a consensus network,” Eric Lombrozo, a key developer behind SegWit and participant in our live stream this year, told Bitcoin Magazine as he reflected on the history in 2019. “I could want to deploy a million features, but if other people don’t want to accept it, it’s not up to me. I can’t negotiate this on behalf of the network. It’s not up to me or anyone else.”

Bitcoin Independence Day might stem from an esoteric developer…

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