CCID China declares EOS, Tron & Ethereum as top Cryptocurrencies

China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID), a research institution which is directly under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, has recently released its latest publication of Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index. The assessment was intended to assess the most effective cryptocurrency in the market; EOS topped the rankings while Tron and Ethereum occupied the second and third ranks, respectively.

According to Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index of CCID, the three factors on which the assessment was based on were: basic technology, creativity, and applicability. The cryptocurrency EOS scored 103.7in basic technology, 20.2 in applicability and 24.7 in creativity, thereby, making it the most efficient digital currency according to CCID.

Tron, this digital currency scored the second rank with basic technology score of 95.6, applicability score of 24.3.and creativity score of 24.1. The third-ranked digital currency, Ethereum scored 76.6 in basic tech and creativity score of Ethereum is 31.0. This criterion was aimed at assessing the most efficient digital assets in the crypto market currently.
The astonishing aspect of these assessments was that Bitcoin; the largest digital currency in the crypto market did not even feature in the top ten rankings of CCID.


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