Carl Riemer’s ‘Gun Clip’ Is Shocking – But Don’t Ban the CoD Pro from Twitch

  • Call of Duty streamer Carl Riemer got drunk and discharged a firearm during a recent broadcast.
  • Twitch banned him, and his esports team let him go.
  • He should be banned from owning guns – not from streaming CoD on Twitch.

There are few stupider things a Twitch streamer could do than getting drunk and firing a handgun during a live broadcast. And yet that’s exactly what Call of Duty pro Carl Riemer (“SoaRCarl”) did this week.

Only the other day, Riemer was on his stream, messing around with a firearm he thought was empty. When he fired it, he found out that he was wrong. The bullet shot through a G Fuel cup and allegedly destroyed an expensive monitor too.

Watch the shocking video here (via Twitter):

Now he’s banned from Twitch and has been dropped by his esports team.

Should CoD Pro Carl Riemer Have Been Banned?

It’s a miracle Call of Duty streamer Carl Riemer didn’t injure anyone when he got drunk and fired a gun inside his house. | Source: Twitch via YouTube

What Carl Riemer did was incredibly stupid. Not only that, but it was dangerous to him, his pets, and anyone who happened to be nearby at the time. It’s a miracle nobody was hurt.

With any justice, he should be banned from owning firearms for the foreseeable future. But I’m not convinced he should have been banned from Twitch.

At least not permanently.

It’s pretty clear why SoaR Gaming wanted to drop Carl after his antics. It doesn’t exactly do the brand image much good to be associated with someone who recklessly handles firearms. | Source: Twitter

Don’t get me wrong, what he did warrants punishment. But considering the crap that Twitch lets streamers get away with, a permaban seems a bit over the top.

Then again, it’s not like it matters too much in the long run. Carl Riemer still has a solid fan base backing him up, and he seems pretty genuine in his apology videos.

Source: Twitter

Even if Twitch doesn’t take him back, other platforms will probably be glad to add the Call of…

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