Cardano Turning Down Dapps Due to Sheer Volume of Applications

Replying to remarks over the lack of dapps running on Cardano, IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson responded by saying demand is so high his firm cannot handle the applications flooding in. In many cases, as a strategy to cope with the demand, applications are being rejected.

Goguen is Coming to Cardano Very Soon

Speaking on a live stream, Hoskinson said criticisms of Cardano having no dapps are entirely unreasonable. He drew attention to sneaker and cattle authentication apps already run on the chain using just metadata features.

Although full programmability at the base layer is missing at present, he likened the fault-finding to criticizing attendance at a nightclub that hasn’t yet opened.

“Yet they say, what are the dapps running on Cardano? That’s like saying you’re opening a nightclub, you haven’t opened it yet, and you say, ‘how come no-one’s in your nightclub?’ It’s like, we’re still building it.”

Hoskinson is more than confident that once Goguen is up and running, the ecosystem will fill out accordingly. However, right now, the firm cannot deal with the demand to build dapps on Cardano. He said the only thing to do under these circumstances is to turn down applications from developers.

“As if, smart contracts come and there’ll be no demand. We’re overwhelmingly subscribed. At the moment, our company has no more capacity to service deal flow that comes in for Cardano. People come to me, unless it’s a super high-value deal and some have jumped up the queue, we actually say no and turn them down…”

What’s in The Works?

The Goguen era is expected to launch at the end of March. So far, IOHK hasn’t confirmed or denied that they will meet this deadline. Nonetheless, expectations are riding high. Once smart contracts are up and running, Cardano will be on even ground with its biggest rival, Ethereum.

Playing into the expectations,…

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