Can blockchain help inspire artistic creation?

The recent Malta AI & Blockchain Summit presented a number of topics involving the protection of personal data, the swift creation of transactions on a secure decentralised system as well as the capacity to revolutionise the way art is created.

‘Blockchain and the Arts’ was a segment that welcomed experts from across the globe and invited them to speak about their areas of expertise within the blockchain niche, linking it to the arts in the form of music, painting, graphic design and other areas of expression.

The discussion started with a panel of four experts: EcoTech Visions’ Dr Pandwe Gibson, Adaptia managing director Sergio Stephano, local expert from the University of Malta’s Computer Vision Department Dylan Seychell and Guarda Wallet’s CMO Maria Carola.

These industry experts led a discussion that brought up some interesting points, later developed and discussed in detail throughout the segment. The essence of the panel was primarily concerned with intellectual property, with Dr Gibson stating that it is “critical” for mutual artists around the world to freely create art and be protected in their doing so, while Carola added that it is also “very important to feel the trust” during such sharing and creation.

She continued: “Young people create a lot, blockchain and timestamping within the blockchain can simplify the process.” A positive idea that the experienced musician and Chief Marketing Officer stressed throughout the brief panel. Further elaboration on how blockchain can simplify processes within the artistic sphere were discussed by Martha Ryzhok with her talk entitled, ‘Design Principles Behind EMURGO and the Blockchain’.

During her presentation, Ryzhok, a graphic designer highlighted that 70 per cent of online businesses fail because of bad usability. She emphasised how: “Design can help make things beautiful, using clear design will not only give an aesthetic feel but also monetary value.” This monetary value is seen…

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