Can Anything Stop the Rise of AMD?

Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD) was the most talked about ticker in the semiconductor industry in 2019, more than doubling from its January 7, 2019 close of $20.57 to $48.60. If you believed in the company enough to buy into its sub-$2 stock circa July 2015, your returns come in at a whopping 2,415%.

AMD has seen peaks like this before – once during the early 2000 dot-com boom and again during the short-lived tech boom of 2006, when everyone thought VR would stick. But what goes up must come down, apparently. This is also a stock that has twice seen 80-90% losses over the course of 24 months.

So the short answer to the title question is an easy “yes.” The rise of AMD has been stopped quite handily a number of times. The better question is will it happen again this time?

AMD has ridden the Ryzen chip into new bottom line success.

A Sensitive Stock

The tech industry tends to be more reactionary to news items than other industries, and AMD is no exception. With a beta of around 2.79 , AMD moves swiftly to the upside and to the downside when industry news hits. In recent months, the price of the stock has been correlated to news of the US-China trade war. When talks were good, AMD shot up. When President Trump tweeted bad news or President Jinping stalled negotiations, the stock price went down. However, the general upward trend of the market kept the moves tilted strongly to the upside.

The sensitivity of the stock has led some analysts to believe that AMD is generally overhyped because of positive news in the sector. Here’s the difference – AMD has personally seen good news with its adaptation in the cloud and new processing techniques. Also, unlike 2000 and 2006 AMD, 2020 AMD is consistently profitable. 2017 was the company’s first annual net profit in six years . 2018…

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