Calm Down, Suzanne Somers – We’re Not Ready for Grandmas in Playboy

  • Suzanne Somers wants to pose for Playboy for her 75th birthday.
  • While it may seem like a ‘woke’ and accepting notion, it’s far from it.
  • We’re not ready to see our grandmothers sexualized, and Somers is not an accurate representation of an average senior.

Suzanne Somers seems like a decent person. She’s helped people tone their thighs for years. She’s fought for equal pay for women. Somers even donates to charities. But her latest’ offer’ is a little too generous.

The 73-year-old entrepreneur recently told Access Hollywood that she would like to pose for Playboy on her 75th birthday. The hormone-pedaler has clearly taken the wrong dose. We prefer Suzanne like we prefer our grandmother – fully clothed.

Suzanne Somers Is No Stranger to Nudity

Suzanne Somers is a veteran at revealing her naked body. The former Three’s Company star appeared in Playboy in 1980, at age 34. She did it again in 1984. She even decided to post a topless pic on her Instagram as recently as last year.

This photo is plenty, Suzanne. Thank you. | Source: Instagram

In her Access Hollywood interview, she details how she would love to keep it going. He even calls dibs on her photographer:

I would like to have Playboy — I would like Annie Leibovitz to shoot me nude for Playboy for my 75th birthday, OK? That’s now on record.

It’s Too Soon For Sexual Grandmothers

The world is getting more ‘woke’ to body image and sexuality by the second. Plus-size models have gained widespread acceptance. Children are getting more say in their identity. Teenage popstars are even taking their shirts off for–I guess–anti-bullying.

This is all great. We’re broadening our horizons. But the timing must be right. We have to be somewhat ready. If plus-sized models tried flaunting their bodies 30 years ago, the response would’ve been sadly hateful.

Plus-size models like Sonny Turner are gaining mainstream acceptance. | Source: Instagram

It’s 2020, and we’ve come a long way. But…

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