Calling Tops and Bottoms: 2020’s Most Popular Bitcoin Traders and Analysts

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading is quite popular these days. With the price upswings and volatility in 2020, crypto traders have made and lost a lot of money. In the last few years, a number of digital currency enthusiasts have been attracted to professional traders and analysts routinely publishing technical analysis (TA) online. Crypto asset trading has exploded this year and there’s a great number of sophisticated traders sharing secrets, alongside short and long-term market outlooks.

Digital currency traders can make a lot of money by calling the tops and bottoms by leveraging insight and technical analysis (TA). For instance, if a trader played their positions correctly they could have gained big time (358%) from the dip in mid-March (Black Thursday) up until this week’s 2020 high at $16,495. This weekend the price of BTC has slid some, and the crypto asset is currently trading at prices between $15,850 to $15,950 per unit.

This year, cryptocurrency fans have been following a number of crypto traders and analysts on social media platforms like Twitter and charting websites like Tradingview. The following post is a collection of today’s most popular cryptocurrency traders, in no particular order, but have amassed a massive following from their digital currency trading tips this year.

Calling Tops and Bottoms: 2020's Most Popular Bitcoin Traders and Analysts

Tradingview – Crypto Traders & Analysts

The website Tradingview is a web portal that shows live quotes for stocks, futures, forex, and cryptocurrency markets. The website is one of the most popular chart and technical analysis sites for crypto traders, and the portal also offers a social network of traders as well. While perusing the BTC/USD market section on Tradingview one will see the top traders sharing insights during recent days and all-time statistics. On Saturday, November 14, 2020, the top BTC/USD traders on Tradingview include six individuals who share insights about bitcoin’s market movements.

The top trader on Tradingview…

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