BuyAnyLight (BAL) Platform Set to Revolutionize the LED Lighting Industry with Blockchain, AI, and Smart Contracts

December 15th, 2019, Dubai, UAE – BuyAnyLight (BAL), a Dubai based light sourcing company with shared origin from Almani Lighting Gmbh, Germany, has recently launched its online platform. The platform allows buyers—private homes, consultants, contractors, architects and project owners—to submit their requirements and acquire quality LED products at competitive market pricing.

The BAL platform innovates the way the existing market players i.e., consultants, contractors, and project owners to procure LED lighting products by making the process seamless, efficient, and trustless. It harnesses the power of blockchain, AI, Big Data, and Smart Contracts, ensuring that both buyers and sellers are protected.

Explaining the BAL platform, Mr. Johannes Eidens, the founder, and CEO was quoted saying, “My half a decade of experience with the LED lighting industry presented various issues that need solutions. One of the problems is the lack of trust between buyers and suppliers; another one is the hectic and expensive payment process. A major problem is also the non-transparent nature of logistics and supply chain process which often results in delayed shipments and defective products.” Explained Mr. Johannes

“Moreover, the involvement of intermediaries adds to the overall costs. Buyers also have difficulties understanding the LED product they need. They do not know the correct product specifications and the chances of getting pricey and the wrong LED products are high” Mr. Eidens continued.

These real-life problems led to the birth of BuyAnyLight, which uses blockchain, smart contracts, AI, and BigData to ensure the trustless execution of LED light sourcing at competitive market rates.

“The BAL Platform enables traceable logistics by harnessing the power of blockchain whereby all delivery activities right from the manufacturer to the end consumer are recorded on a transparent blockchain. In addition to that, we eliminate the role of banks and payment…

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