Bullrun Pushing More Investors To Jump on Securypto

PRESS RELEASE. Securypto focuses on safe and truly anonymous exchange of data. In a world where datahacks have become the norm rather than the exception, anonymity has become a necessity.

Acknowledging the massive support from their community, Securypto lead developer Sam Nokati expressed his appreciation:

“To all who believe in Securypto and continue to express your amazing support for the SCU token sale, as a show of our tremendous appreciation, we are going ahead of schedule with our token listing. Bilaxy is a world-class digital asset trading platform and we are proud to be listed on such a reputable exchange. For the DEX supporters, we have selected UniSwap, the leading decentralized permissionless exchange.”

Bilaxy support has quite been unprecedented , “Bilaxy has always been the home of crypto hidden gems, and we are happy to support more promising blockchain projects with our various financial services like trading, staking and more. Anonymity is a scarce commodity in this day and age and we have seen Securypto’s potential to develop a model where you take back control of your data and send and receive truly anonymous encrypted data.

The Securypto story – Rise of the underdog

Birthed by lead cryptography developer and serial entrepreneur, Sam Nokati has no shortage of experience. With having invested in over 16 tech companies he is surrounded by a talented and experienced team who have worked for brands like Google, Tesla, Nike, Amazon and Paypal amongst others. Keenly aware of the ills and challenges of anonymity and security the Securypto project was aptly armed with a viable use case from its years in silicon valley.

Amid the hype of countless ICOs of projects without a product or even a use case in 2018, Securypto went against the grain and kept the focus on delivering a working product and released his own Android Encryption App DigiSafeGuard.

The past two years has seen the Securypto team laboring over its…

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