Building The Case That The Bitcoin Bottom Is In

Bitcoin price is back at $37,000, recovering from a frightening plunge to as low as $30,000. The selloff struck fear into the market unlike never before, making buying the dip a scary risk to take.

However, there’s several signs that the bottom could be in, all while sentiment has turned fully bearish and the market expects far deeper lows. Could that in and of itself be a sign the bottom is in?

Recapping The Recent Crypto Market Correction

The recent peak in Bitcoin price was a “top” that very few saw coming even though from a technical standpoint, it was obvious. BTC was moving off exchanges and fundamentals supported much higher prices, but after such a strong run up, the top trending cryptocurrency was bound to correct.

And correct it did – by a full 50% and then some. Historically it is one of the most severe bull market corrections. The severity of the Black Thursday move caused a polar opposite reaction to the upside.

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But could a similar severity in the recent collapse also be a catalyst for propelling prices much higher, and not the beginning of a bear market as many would expect? For one, sentiment is ripe for a reversal.

Stacking Up The Signs That The Bottom Is In For Bitcoin

The crypto market fear and greed index is at one of the most frightened readings yet, after spending nearly a full year in greed mode. Contrarian investors all recommend buying the blood in the streets and being greedy when others are fearful. Being fearful while others were greedy, clearly has paid off for anyone who took out a short position at the top – as rare as that may have been.

But there’s a lot more signs out there than that.

bitcoin bull market RSI

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