BTSE Review 2020 – Fees, Leverage, Coins Examined

BTSE  (pronounced ‘bitsie’) is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange platform, established in 2018. Its innovative way of trading makes the BTSE a sort of hybrid between classic cryptocurrency exchange that offers spot and futures market and a viable fiat to cryptocurrency conversion place.

BTSE’s main vision is to implement Bitcoin to take its rightful place in the standard financial world. This review will give you an insiders look into all main structures, strengths, and weaknesses of this rising platform. So, let’s get started. 

Basic information about BTSE

BTSE Holdings Limited, the owner of the BTSE VFA exchange platform, is a company with the headquarters in the British Virgin Islands.

Terms and conditions of using the platforms are therefore governed by the laws of the British Virgin Islands, and any eventual dispute is governed by the Singapore International Arbitration Centre. Companies former headquarters were in Dubai, but, due to the United Arab Emirates uncertain cryptocurrency laws and regulations, they had to find a country with clearer laws and a friendlier business environment. The British Virgin Islands has an on-the-spot regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies, so it was a perfect choice, and many competitors followed the BTSE example.

BTSE and Binance – lowest fees for retail traders

These two exchanges are two crypto platforms that offer the lowest fees for retail takers and makers (less than $10k monthly volume) for crypto trading pairs, according to the research done by The Block. Binance US platform is by far the cheapest exchange when it comes to trading fees across trader categories (based on the monthly trading volume).

Most of the company’s business is run by four main figures:

  • Jonathan Leong, co-founder / Chief Executive Officer
  • Brian Wong, co-founder / Chief Product Officer
  • Yew Chong Quack, Chief Technical Officer
  • Joshua Soh, Chief Operating Officer

This elite team has outstanding experience in blockchain technology,…

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