Bryan Legend and DeFi Go Together Like Stock and Bonds

Decentralized Finance (DeFi), a product of cryptocurrency’s evolution since the introduction of Bitcoin more than a decade ago is now in a position to mirror the traditional financial products and services. Many entrepreneurs have identified the huge untapped potential of DeFi to create products and services that are breaking new grounds in recent times.

One among the prominent platforms working along these lines is the CLEVER DeFi Protocol, a creation of Bryan Legend and his team. Powered by its native ERC20 CLVA token, CLEVER allows users to invest in a simplified manner and earn interest at rates much higher than any other financial instrument currently available can offer. By holding CLVA tokens, users can earn a guaranteed 11% compound interest, paid fortnightly over 888 cycles through its in-built automatic interest payments system.

Unlike other crypto or DeFi projects, the CLEVER platform ensures the highest level of transparency throughout, starting with the CLVA token issuance mechanism. The CLVA tokens are mined from scratch and are accessible to the public to invest in, from the very first day. The CLVA token minting process started on February 1, 2021, and anyone purchasing the token can look forward to receiving interest payments against their holdings every 14 days without any lock-in or staking period.

According to the project, CLEVER, by design, provides complete flexibility to everyone to do whatever they want with their CLVA tokens. There will be no restriction or penalty for buying, selling, moving, or holding the tokens at any time. Following the conclusion of the first 30-days of CLVA initial minting phase, the tokens will be listed on major crypto exchanges like Uniswap, P2PB2B, Coinsbit, Hotbit and more.

The Man Behind CLEVER DeFi

bryan legend

Bryan Legend, an entrepreneur and a self-made millionaire is the force behind CLEVER DeFi. Known for creating multiple successful business ventures with his exceptional leadership qualities, he is not new to…

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