Bridge Oracle Soon to Launch Mainnet

Bridge Oracle will soon be launching services on its mainnet that will permit users to implement real-world DApps on the Tron network with the help of Bridge Oracle.

Bridge Oracle is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its mainnet services. The mainnet will enable users to deploy real-world connected decentralized applications using Bridge Oracle on the Tron network.

The launch of a mainnet is always a landmark moment for any blockchain project, as it officially signifies that the blockchain platform is open to the general public and that it’s set for mass adaptation. A blockchain project launches its mainnet services when it decides to extend its official product in the market, releasing the product for real-time operation and production.

Spokesperson from Bridge Oracle stated: “It’s an exciting moment for us to announce the launch of our upcoming services on mainnet. We have waited for this moment for so long, and to see it finally unveiling feels extremely special. Our upcoming mainnet launch will allow you to deploy real-world connected DApps using Bridge Oracle on the Tron network. It’s about time you start to prep up by creating your DApps on Shasta and Nile testnets. We will soon be coming up with more updates.”

Bridge Oracle is the first-ever public oracle system on the Tron network. Smart contracts embedded on blockchain platforms like Tron are designed to help create DApp and decentralized automated organizations that could redefine the world’s businesses for the better. In order to do that, smart contracts require real-world data, which is not easily feasible, as consensus protocols of blockchains prohibit the connection with off-chain or external data sources. Tron has suffered from this connectivity issue for a long time, given the absence of an oracle. This is where Bridge Oracle comes to Tron’s rescue, as oracles are designed to connect blockchains with external world data and inject real-world information into smart…

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