Bridge Oracle IEO Launches with Co-Founder Mate Tokay as Advisor

8th September, 2020, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Bridge Oracle may very well be on the cusp of achieving the holy grail of the crypto-sphere: mass adoption. Between blockchain’s theoretical superiority based on hard code, and the nuanced language that is real life, it finally provides the means for the physical world to convey information to a form that blockchain programming can understand.

On 15th September, Bridge Oracle will launch their IEO on, becoming the first public oracle system on the TRON network. This project has already allied itself with advisors like Co-Founder Mate Tokay, TRON influencer Mike McCarthy, and media heavyweight Sydney Ifergan indicating the belief from three hugely influential blockchain figures that Bridge Oracle is an important piece of the mass adoption puzzle.

Responding to Urgent Real-World Needs

Mate Tokay’s role as Advisor to this project is a logical one. As a proponent of Bitcoin Cash, Tokay envisioned a cryptocurrency that did what it promised — a cheap, fast and fair way for people to securely send money to each other.

Bridge Oracle shares that philosophy of directly addressing pressing real-world problems, through their focus on smart contracts’ inability to access real-world data. Until smart contracts can do that, their use cases are limited, as are their likelihood of mass adoption.

A public oracle system — such as Bridge Oracle — solves that problem by acting as a link between blockchains and the outside world, allowing for accurate external information to be injected into smart contracts, allowing them to operate as they should — programmable conditions that are automatically executed based on the fulfilment of these conditions.

Some use case examples include:

  1. Securities. Bridge Oracle will pull real-world data from bonds, interest rate derivatives, and other market prices and reference data. This data is ready for use by smart contracts in dApps that serve fintech, DeFi, and other…

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