Brave Launches Privacy-Focused Search Engine: Can it Compete?

Brave, the privacy-oriented internet browser, has announced the launch of its new search engine Beta version, which will be built into its browser and available to other browser’s users via a website.

The company has created a user base by offering them privacy-protection tools and a new advertising model based on blockchain technology.

Now, it is taking aim at Google, which has dominated the search engine market since its inception while also becoming one of the biggest data silos.

Brave is Taking on Search!

The new platform has not only been built on top of a, “completely independent index”, but it also promises not to track users in any way, including their searches or clicks.

However, it remains to be seen if this is enough to beat Google, which dominates 92% of the search engine market according to StatCounter.

Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave, referred to the new search engine by stating:

“Brave Search is the industry’s most private search engine, as well as the only independent search engine, giving users the control and confidence they seek in alternatives to big tech. Unlike older search engines that track and profile users and newer search engines that are mostly a skin on older engines and don’t have their own indexes, Brave Search offers a new way to get relevant results with a community-powered index, while guaranteeing privacy”

He also stated that he believed people were looking for alternatives after losing trust in the surveillance economy, which has created a void in the market.

While search engines like DuckDuckGo have taken a similar approach by offering added privacy, they have failed to compete in a market in which even Microsoft failed to compete.

BAT Might Make Its Way to Brave Search In The Future

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