Brave crypto wallet for Ethereum and Basic Attention Token

Brave crypto wallet for Ethereum (ETH), Basic Attention Token (BAT) and other ERC-20s is all set for development.

The chromium-based web browser, Brave, is making a move in the crypto space. It has equipped itself with the Basic Attention Token (BAT) to thrust it further into the crypto abyss. The wallet dubbed Crypto Wallets that Brave will be bound to will also deal in Ethereum (ETH) and other ECR-20 tokens.

The Web 3.0 is welcoming Brave for their announcement made on August 27 in a blog post. According to the news, Brave will be integrated with the Crypto Wallet that makes it easy to trade on the go in ECR20 tokens, Ethereum (ETH) and it’s very own BAT along with getting merchandise like collectibles from the main net.

The decentralized app (DApp) market will be accessible through no foreign gateway with the CryptoWallet in the browser, and users can have a go at them.

Brave crypto wallet launch

The Crypto Wallet is still in its infancy, and its more like Brave is looking for beta testers for its project. The company, itself, favors keeping the least in their Brave accounts and make regular backups while the Wallet is in its testing phase.

Users will also have to keep tabs of their keeps while a workaround is managed in the meantime. Also, there is no ‘BAT for Brave Rewards’ policy for the people.

This very well may be implemented in the future, allowing owners of the Brave Crypto Wallet to cash in their Brave Rewards for the Basic Attention Token, after all, it only makes sense. This direct conversion of assets will prove to be a savior for many with transaction times cut to fractions.

Once the Brave Crypto Wallet is in the general availability phase, it can be acknowledged to be the biggest successful project by Brave yet.

Recently Wikipedia also got a spot in the verified publishers’ list under Brave, as shown in the tweet:


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