Bonded.Finance (BOND) Token Is Now Listed on Exchange – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. Exchange is ecstatic to announce the listing of BOND, being available to trade on the 2nd June 2021 at 12:00PM UTC. BOND was created by the Bonded.Finance team, as the driver and receipt of value within their platform. BOND will start trading with BTC and USDT pairs.

What is Bonded.Finance?

With nearly 7000 trackable assets and some 700 exchanges in crypto, it is an understatement to say that liquidity is scattered and that early stage projects as tradable assets make for capricious token holders. Even the meteoric rise of DeFi has done little to change this as lending/borrowing protocols and the true earning potential of tokens are realized only by a select few cryptos. Bonded Finance sees a massive opportunity in this. With crypto maturing as an asset class, there are scores of well-capitalized projects with solid volume and price histories to go with deliverables, yet, they have not been afforded the opportunity to partake in the decentralized financial services movement. Bonded has identified some fifty billion USD in untapped liquidity in this presently underserved altcoin market and has set out to aggregate these tokens to provide DeFi protocols through their algorithm-driven “smart instruments.” Bonded’s aim is to bridge the gap between established and nascent altcoin projects to provide not just traditional and DeFi services but ultimately, to create a network of shared value.

What is the BOND token?

The Bond token is inherent to the network as the sole driver for the exchange and receipt of value. Network fees, liquidations, collected interest, provider rewards and network incentives are all rewarded to Bond holders and liquidity providers. This stems from Bonded’s decentralized and trustless underpinnings with much of its utility derived from actual revenues. As a decentralized, eventually fully autonomous suite of products, there will be no salaries or…

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