Bloodshed In Dash Price, Drops Till $7.8

The entire market has crashed today. It has affected almost all the altcoins in the market. Dash has also gone through the same. The coin felt the pressure because of the Bitcoin fall and hence dribbled down. The recovery in the coin has already started. Apparently, the same will continue because of the current momentum in the price.

Along with Dash, many coins have started reviving in the intraday chart. Let’s have a look at the statistics.

Dash Current Statistics:

The price of Dash chart is taken from Trading View on 28th June 2019, at 09:56:51 UTC.

Dash price chart - june 28

Particulars Dash
Price (Dash to USD)163.09 USD
24hr volume386,215,675 USD
Circulating supply8,888,192 DASH
Return on Investment>9000%
Market capitalization1,449,614,007 USD

Looking at the chart of Dash from yesterday’s market, the coin is reflecting a steady downfall since the beginning of the day. Yesterday, the coin opened at $171, and within a few hours the coin dropped to $166 and registered a decrease of 3.37%. The coin jumped back to touch $172 from $166. The jump marked a profit of 3.73%. The Dash coin (Dash coin to USD) dribbled from $172 to $158 with regression of 8.20%. The recovery was registered just after the fall. The coin climbed from $158 to $168 and marked a progression of 6%. The major drop in the coin took place at 15:56 UTC where the price slipped from $163 to $145 and the regression marked was of 10%.

Today, the coin opened with an upsurge. The coin climbed from $155 to $159 with a profit of 2.5%. The coin couldn’t hold itself at the level and fell tremendously till $151 from $159. The drop was of 4.90%. The coin is currently in the recovery mode.

Dash Price Prediction and Conclusion:

Dash is among the most volatile coin in the crypto market. However, the coin has maintained itself at 15th rank on the crypto chart from a very long time. It shows that the coin is result oriented and has won the trust of the traders.

The current downfall is just a bump on the road as we are expecting the coin…

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