Blockshow Asia 2019: “Triple-A” Studios Thinking Blockchain – Gaming News

Blockshow Asia 2019 was extremely exciting. Top people from the gaming space sat down to discuss blockchain. 

They had Jon Jordan, Communications Directors at DappRadar to act as a moderator for the panel. Joining him is Daniel Doll-Steinberg Director of Atari Token, John Linden, CEO of Mythical Games, Nicolas Pouard, Blockchain Initiative Director @Ubisoft Strategic Innovation and Yat Siu, Chairman at Animoca Brands.

Lots of interesting thoughts and insights were shared. Here are the juicy bits and pieces.

Q: Introduction of yourself and how you got into blockchain games

Daniel: I spent my career in disruptive technologies for over 25 years. Learned about blockchain in 2016 and became the first of the 4 founders of the Atari token project. Going into the gaming sector mainly because it has such a fast refresh cycle and I thought blockchain is something fundamental to it. I am now the director and shareholder of the Atari token project. I really look at market adoption for other technologies.

John: Former head of studio of Activition Blizzard. I ran one of the game studios there and mostly ran Call of Duty. Eventually, I left and ran another Studio called Seimic Games, which we sold last year. We see blockchain gaming as the early days of mobile gaming. We also see a platform shift. It can affect a shift in gaming of all platforms and games. This is a very exciting opportunity.

Nicolas: Joined Ubisoft 5 years ago. Exploring blockchain for 2 years now. Built a small team within Ubisoft. Working closely with Entrepreneurs Lab. And with about 10 startups.

Yat: Chairman and Co-Founder of Animoca Brands. Doubling down on blockchain and NFTs at the moment. My first job was with Atari. Been in gaming for 3 decades.

Q: Why are Triple-A game companies not getting into blockchain? Why would games and blockchain go together?

Daniel: Games take a long time to make. To build a big world there are world-building, gameplay, economy drives. After all, a lot constitutes a game. We have…

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