Blockchain’s First Financial Cooperative Is Launched

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Neuchatel, June 22nd, 2018: Ø Crypto Union is the first of its kind, a cryptocurrency cooperative a Crypto Union!

Definition: Crypto Union

A Crypto Union consists of its members, who collectively share the same goals and objectives. United by common values, members are co-owners of the organisation by way of acquired tokens that extend legal and economic shareholder rights.  Such an ownership structure, a Crypto Union, offers versatility and diversity with respect to available cryptocurrency banking products and consultancy services. Accrued profit is reinvested into the organisation, further-benefiting members and the larger community.

Using blockchain protocols, the Union is built on registers that make it possible to combine security, efficiency and transparency. At the forefront of financial and technological innovation, Ø Crypto Union leads with its Cross-Blockchain Security Token (CBST). 

Overview: Products & Services

Ø Crypto Union is a cryptocurrency financial services platform whose contributions to market include:

ØPAY: transactional payments without liquidating underlying cryptocurrencies

ØINVEST: trade, invest and secure a diverse range of financial assets

ØLIFT: optimise financial decision-making and access an array of high-end services

Komodo: Meetup 2018

Ø Crypto Union’s team will be delivering its keynote presentation in Neuchatel, Switzerland, at the Komodo Meetup event, 2018, on June 23rd. Members of the Komodo community are influential stakeholders in Ø’s cooperative union. A collaborative partnership with Komodo will further the Crypto Union’s Security Token ambitions; cross-blockchain interoperability will find positive synergies by providing lawful capabilities facilitating exchange between fiat and cryptocurrencies, offering a seamless experience for private and institutional market participants.  

Ø, because banking doesn’t matter anymore!

The Position Paper offers a project summary; it can be viewed here.

Additional information can be found on Ø Crypto Union’s website -–