Blockchain Use-Case: Gaming – ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

Blockchain technology arrived with numerous blessings and promises for almost every industry on the surface of the earth. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at its application in the gaming industry and how ambitious players like DAO.Casino are making a mark in the emerging industry.

New decentralized technologies, game developers have found themselves a thriving ecosystem to build upon. Blockchain enables a protocol that allows developers to create decentralized games for users across all industries, particularly in the underserved gambling industry.

Blockchain gaming promises many benefits for the gaming industry, but most of all it benefits the players themselves.

True ownership, decentralized games, provably fair gameplay, acquiring crypto through gameplay (play-to-earn), global leaderboards, censorship resistance, and no infrastructure to manage for the developers, are just a few of the touted advantages.

While all of that is great, the evolution of blockchain gaming hasn’t been so pretty. Several issues that weren’t anticipated have affected the growth of blockchain games, and they threaten to stifle the evolution of this important aspect of the blockchain space as a whole. In short Blockchain Games have just not lived up to their mainstream cousins so far, but there is hope.


When it comes to blockchain for gaming, perhaps one of the most significant problems so far has been speed. These days, everyone wants a quality, state of the art gaming experience that doesn’t lag or provide any issues with speed and pacing. However, blockchain games that we have today are usually restricted to activities such as trading and creating assets.

Take Crypto Kitties, the most popular blockchain game, for example. The game makes it possible for players to grow and trade virtual cats on the Ethereum blockchain. While it shows a great deal of minimalism, the issue of speed still exists. The Ethereum blockchain is quite fast, but with a block time of 17 seconds, games…

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